Daytona Racing Wellington


There's a new game in town. It’s a game of ultimate tactics where you and a group of friends, workmates or colleagues can experience the thrill and excitement of strategic tournament paintball in safety. The Daytona Paintball experience is a great fun day out or as a team building exercise.

At Daytona Paintball we use the latest technology in paintball guns with environmentally safe, non-staining paintballs and a challenging indoor course your group will enjoy. Bookings are essential, so assemble your team and book your combat experience today! 

We have focused on giving you the best equipment available with more quality paintballs to shoot at a lower cost.

The playing field is a fully netted 30m x 15m area that is entirely surfaced with astroturf and complimented with 53 large inflatable barricades. 

We also offer the new JT splatmaster paintball guns for the kids, This is some of the latest technology from the states that offers a near pain free experience for kids as young as 7.


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RIMO, a leading European designer and manufacturer of high-end go karts make our state-of-the-art go karts. They are designed with speed and safety in mind.

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Another attraction of Daytona Raceway Wellington is our impressive full size paintball field, which is tournament legal (30m x 50m).

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We offer Wellington's only permanent indoor ice skating rink, hosting a large 30m x 15m rink, located indoors using quality ice skating equipment.

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New to our site, we now offer you the thrill of playing on the paintball field but with laser gear.

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Experience the thrill of the hunt using just a bow and arrow.

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